Tanjore Paintings

(made using 22K Gold Leaf)

Tracing its roots to the historical era of the early 18th century, Tanjore art work is one of the many indigenous art forms for which India is noted.


This art form was until recently considered to be a lost and forgotten art, however organizations like our own are now reviving this form of art and are obtaining new Tanjore paintings directly from those families whose ancestors were traditionally masters of this sacred art form. This has enabled us to maintain the integrity of this art as the artists still follow the same traditional process used by their ancestors.


All of these paintings depict Indian gods and goddesses and can be customized as required.  As a result, today, these paintings are highly prestigious and valued, and often seen within Prayer rooms, living rooms, and lobbies of major hotels and corporate offices.

Tanjore paintings make ideal corporate gifts especially around Diwali, weddings and other festive occasions. 
We are constantly innovating and have also used these paintings as box and diary covers.


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